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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – What is it?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, referred to commonly as PTSD, is triggered by a traumatic event. It is a heightened form of anxiety, where the sufferer may have seen or experienced an event that caused extreme fear, shock and/or a feeling of helplessness.

During our lives, many of us may experience a short period of difficulty adjusting and coping with traumatic events that have occurred, over time we can gradually get better by adopting healthy coping methods. However there are times when symptoms get worse and may last for several months or years, and in some instances PTSD can even surface two years or more after a traumatic event. It is at this point that the sufferer’s life may be completely disrupted.

Solutions for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Help is available for PSTD with the Palladium Private Program. Our qualified therapists are skilled in helping you pinpoint the beliefs that trigger the anxiety.

This anxiety-reducing process begins by learning techniques for observing an emotion resulting after anxiety is activated. We teach that trying to stop a painful emotion, at best, only achieves a temporary fix. You might get through the moment or even the hour.

However, when you are in a similar situation again, the same beliefs will be activated again and the same emotional responses will occur. At Palladium Private we teach you simple ways to halt, alter and even reverse this pattern.

By using the new tools and techniques, we educate you to adopt new behaviors, apply new skills and engage in new ways of thinking. Our programs offers change that is lasting because of our unique and comprehensive range of therapies. We look at the symptoms of the individual and unravel the root cause.

The Palladium Private Program is supported by CBT, ACT, Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy as well as other client-specific techniques chosen on a needs basis.  Our program is underpinned by Mindfulness Training which has existed for millennia but has only been explained scientifically the last twenty years.

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Our approach to PTSD is completely different to what you may have tried before. We assist you to identify and address the core cause of your depression within our peaceful and relaxing surroundings, our qualified therapists work with you one-on-one, day by day, teaching you how to initiate a new way of thinking based on objectivity and reality. This approach is accompanied by nutritious meals cooked by our passionate chefs, and the body will be looked after by our professional personal trainers, yoga teachers, and spa and massage therapists.

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