Our Program

Our Program - Palladium Private - Mental Health Retreat

Why choose Palladium Private

The Palladium Private Program is specifically designed for people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD and/or alcohol/drug dependency. 

The Palladium Private Program is a full immersion program that commences with a residential stay of between two and five weeks. We are committed and serious about making long term permanent changes for good in people’s lives which requires the same level of commitment from everyone that attends our programs. For long term change to begin, we customise daily schedules for you and limit the distractions with the outside world whilst we teach you how to really understand the core thinking behind stress and emotional symptoms leading to unwanted behaviour like addiction, depression and anxiety.


  • Optional flights and transfers to the retreat from all major Australian cities.
  • Pre-program assessment and documentation, which may include review of historic medical files.
  • Initial medical assessment if needed and regular medical checkups with a registered doctor.
  • 24 hour or night time only chaperone if required.
  • Private one on one therapy sessions with our qualified Psychotherapists. Starting with an initial on-site assessment, individual sessions are spread throughout the program.
  • Individual and group mindfulness teachings and practice.
  • Individual physical assessment and personal training.
  • Individual and group yoga and meditation practices.
  • Art therapy.
  • Counsellors on hand for daily catch ups or when required.
  • Appropriate integration into daily group discussions and activities including but not limited to:

    • socialising skills
    • the nature of change
    • communication skills
    • art therapy
    • daily communication group
    • weekend off-site excursions
    • sharing of meals
    • morning walks and activities

  • Family Constellations Workshops

    • Reveal hidden dynamics within a family
    • Opportunity to look deeply into these complexities of your family origin/current family
    • Workshop is held every two weeks
    • Option to invite one or two family members
  • Remedial massage delivered by registered massage therapists

  • Garden therapy and food school incorporating self-grown and raw food

  • Weekend excursions – full day off site

  • Daily group exercise and activities

  • Optional Inclusions and personal time activities:

    • Sauna room
    • 25-meter lap pool (fed from the spring beneath the property).
    • Heated magnesium spring water pool (32c -36c).
    • Games, puzzles, arts, craft, music
    • Gardening and fruit picking

Aftercare Program

Qualified psychotherapist sessions continue via phone for up to 3 months after you have left the residential part of your program to go over what you have learnt and make sure you are applying it for maximum effect once you return home. This solidifies your new thinking patterns and supports them whilst they become a permanent neural network in the brain so that you become more and more competent dealing with stress and emotion.

Online Aftercare Series For Clients

To assist in making your new thinking patterns permanent, we have put together an online aftercare series that is delivered direct to your inbox. 

The series will keep you accountable and offers consistent, valuable content that is gradually sent through over a 6 month period. The series includes the following:

  • Podcasts for guests that include content such as Maintaining Feeling Good, Motivation, Letting Go,Relapsing, Goal Setting and much more.
  • Podcasts for support teams that include content such as How to Support After a Retreat Stay, How to Support When Things Get Bumpy, etc.
  • Mindfulness Sits which include guided meditations, breath work, visulisation and more.
  • Yoga Practices
  • Gym Sessions
  • Recipes and Nutritional Blog Posts