Do you have a client who would benefit from a BioPsychoSocial program?

This page gives an overview on the approach we take at Palladium Private and the modalities our psychologists and psychotherapists use during and after a residential retreat stay. Please note, we limit guest numbers to a maximum of 15 to best facilitate group therapies and create a close-knit community feel throughout each guests stay. There are certain conditions/histories we do not treat and our admissions team identify these during our screening process. This is to ensure maximum effectiveness of the program for the client and ensure cohesion within the group.

1. Is PP a clinical facility? Do you employ psychiatrists?

Palladium Private is not a clinical facility, however we have a network of medical practitioners (physicians, psychiatrists, chiropractors) that collaborate externally with us and support our approach to the transformative process.

2. Can you explain your approach to mental health and/or addiction?

At Palladium Private we recognise the complexity of human conditions and the sufferance that comes from feeling imbalanced between our striving for connectedness and the creative adjustments (or coping strategies) we develop throughout our life. Some of these creative adjustments come in the form of substance misuse, anxiety, depression, and open the door to remain traumatised by experiences.

At Palladium Private we promote the BioPsychoSocial approach. Hence we focus on helping our clients to re-gain the balance between all aspects of their life. The biological side is addressed by changing the client’s diet (see nutritional chart), personal training, yoga, outdoor group activities and access to sporting facilities (swimming pools, gym, sauna, magnesium pool). The psychological side is addressed by having an intensive course of individual psychotherapy sessions, group psychotherapy, art therapy and mindfulness. The social side is addressed by encouraging the clients to participate in a communal life, where all activities are promoted as an opportunity for interaction and connection. This facilitates the establishing of peer support where every client starts feeling both supported by other members and able to support others in their struggles. In addition, client’s naturally discover relativity with other’s experiences, responses and recovery strategies.

3. What models of psychotherapy do you find effective?

The psychotherapists at Palladium Private are skilled in the application of many different psychotherapy models (Psychodynamic approach, Gestalt, EFT, DBT, CBT, EMDR, ACT, SCHEMA therapy, Neuropsychotherapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Attachment Based Therapy), and choose which one to use to better meet the client’s potential for transformation. The group psychotherapy follows principles of the Gestalt process group.

4. What aftercare / follow-up do you provide?

In addition to the online aftercare program (refer to “Our Program“), the client and the psychotherapist will arrange a calendar of telephone or video sessions (for a total of 4 hours) in which the client will continue to be supported in their implementation of the awareness/knowledge/strategies & tools acquired during their residential stay. Psychologists will also support the clients in linking with local therapy specialists.

5. Qualifications and experience of Palladium Private staff

Please visit our About page to review all our staff qualifications and specialities.

We encourage you to call us and speak directly with our Program Director, Emanuele Latino, regarding any questions you may have to do with our program structure, approach and therapies. You can also speak to Emanuele about your client and how they may benefit from and/or be a successful fit for the Palladium Private program.

Please call us on 1300 573 095. Or if you prefer, fill in your details on our online enquiry form and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.