I think I need to book a program, what should I do first?

Once you have had a good look around our website and you feel this is something that you would like to know more about, we welcome you to contact our understanding admissions staff. They will speak to you confidentially about which rehabilitation program would be right for you. Alternatively, you can complete our enquiry form online and one of our consultants will contact you.

What will happen next?

Once you have discussed your needs with an experienced admissions consultant and you have committed to a rehabilitation program we will start the admission process. You will be emailed admission forms, payment options, terms and conditions and a site policy. A few days prior to your program start date we will schedule a pre-admission telephone call to answer any final questions, confirm travel arrangements and admission times and calm any last-minute nerves.

On arrival, our aim will be to settle you in gently and to address any initial anxiety or stress. We provide a comprehensive retreat orientation and you will be introduced to our friendly team.

The purpose of the program is to create the best environment for change to take place on a large scale with no distractions and to build upon your progress daily and to learn as much as you can.

How long should I stay?

Many mental health issues can be addressed in a 14 to 28-day rehabilitation program, however, duration is not the only consideration. We customise each program depending on a guest’s condition i.e. intensity of therapies and need for an increase in on-site support. Generally, if you have been dealing with your health issue for over a decade or more you might consider a longer program to give yourself enough time to effect lasting permanent change before you re-enter your life and start to apply the techniques you will learn in the program.

Conditions such as chronic alcohol abuse, long-term heavy drug addiction, extreme anxiety, crippling depression and overwhelming PTSD may need a longer program. Discuss your personal needs with one of our admission consultants as they have a comprehensive understanding of our customised holistic solutions.

What are your staff qualifications?

The service you receive is based on the quality and experience of our team which is made up of over 20 qualified and experienced individuals.

Our Program Director and Psychotherapy Team hold current psychology qualifications as required by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), which are available at any time for your inspection. The retreat team is made up of psychologists, counsellors, yogis, mindfulness teachers, massage therapists, personal trainers and hosts.

They are dedicated to connecting with you empathetically which allows you to absorb all the new information needed to create your new path to a quality life. Our team have experience in dealing with people from all walks of life who arrive with a wide range of mental health conditions. Yet it is our team’s ability to focus on each person and their personal needs which we have discovered yields the best results.

Where required, certain staff hold current First Aid certificates. Massage therapists and personal trainers hold qualifications in their respective fields.

What makes a program at Palladium Private different?

Palladium Private was founded in 2003 and has provided mental health programs to over 5,000 clients. This experience has given us information, data and feedback which has allowed us to evolve the programs inclusions and structure. It is this unique combination of individual therapies, group integration work and the retreat setting that makes our approach successful at making permanent changes to people’s lives. The quality and experience of our staff who deliver the program sets our program apart from other programs. We welcome you to visit the Palladium Private retreat before committing to a program for yourself or a loved one. Meet and speak to our staff and see for yourself why we are different to other options you may have tried before or are reviewing.

How does Palladium Private program actually work?

At the heart of the Palladium Private program is a cognitive approach, which means it examines an individual’s thinking patterns. Our qualified therapists seek to modify or change the individuals incorrect thought processes in relation to historic, current or future events in their lives. In successfully doing so, this will reduce and eradicate stress and their related conditions.

Starting from early childhood an individual will absorb information through witnessing and experiencing the world, however, this information is filtered from limited understandings of the facts. Conclusions are drawn about who we are as a person, member of a family and member of society.

At Palladium Private, we teach that the belief system, which is unique to each person, acts as the direct platform for our thinking, responses, and behaviours. We refer to this process as the mind-body connection. Not only do we live according to our belief system, it often goes unexamined or unquestioned throughout the rest of our life.

The main conclusion governed by individual’s incorrect belief system is that our life should be unfolding and present in a certain way in order to confirm our self-worth. At the point that the individual concludes that their life path is interfered with or unattainable, then stress begins to develop.

The retreat setting allows our qualified therapists and retreat staff to work on you day in day out with no distractions. This for many is the first time in their life they have had such attention and time to work solely on themselves. The retreat allows for the cognitive techniques to work their way into the brain for permanent change. The impact being far greater than non-residential cognitive work.

I have tried everything, and nothing has worked all these years. Why will this work?

We have been developing and evolving programs since 2003 at Palladium Private and in this time, we have had over 5,000 clients complete a program. Whilst we do not claim 100% results in dealing with individuals who often have very demanding issues, more than 80% give their Palladium Private program a successful pass rating – meaning the program accomplished the core reason of why the person undertook the Palladium Private program. Over 85% of all clients who completed their program at Palladium Private, stated that they would recommend the program to friends and family.

Do I stay on my prescription medication when I come?

Yes, we strongly advise that you continue to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor.

Your program seems expensive and I can find cheaper options.

We are a solely private mental health care option with no government support. Whilst the amount charged for a Palladium Private program may seem high, it is a serious health condition that yourself or a loved one is suffering with.

Throughout the duration of the program, there is a team of staff that deliver the program. Whilst you can compare a program’s duration, the location, the physical retreat; you can’t compare the program content. Our qualified staff work in teams selected for your own case, which makes this combination only available at the Palladium Private retreat.

We have been in business for more than fifteen years and have had over 5,000 clients serviced by our team. Like all things in life, quality of service states that you get what you pay for.

What is biopsychosocial?

There are three main components of our ‘biopsychosocial’ approach that we work on simultaneously:

Evidence Based Psychotherapy – Our program uses qualified AHPRA Registered Psychologists who have extensive experience in trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders and addiction. They apply evidence-based tools and techniques to work on the mind to change unwanted behaviours that include but are not limited to; REBT, CBT, ACT. All psychotherapy sessions are delivered one-on-one with each guest. A period of psychotherapy is continued after the residential program.

Life Skills and Personal Development – We provide facilitated communication and topic groups that help a guest build confidence and prepare for the future. Some of the topics covered are; self-acceptance, self-worth, social connection, acceptance of others, gratitude and assertiveness.

Personal development is continued after the residential program via fortnightly on-line webinars (guests have unlimited access for an unlimited time), to help reinforce residential learning.

Exercise, Nutrition, Relaxation and Detoxification – Our program includes a variety of holistic stress reduction and positive mood therapies such as mindfulness, yoga, personal training, nature/beach walks, massage therapy, art therapy, cooking classes, team building and weekend excursions. These therapies are a combination of both one-on-one and group activities.

The combination of these components on a residential program is incredibly effective. Treating the body and mind at the same time is what holistic health is all about. Guests will have the chance to concentrate on their whole health for an extended period of time, surrounded by supportive experienced people that are focused on a guests’ success using natural methods.

Our comprehensive biopsychosocial treatment programs will treat the whole mind and body with a multidiscipline approach.

We also access a wide range of natural therapies and experienced practitioners and consultants to meet this aim.

What availability do you have?

Availability changes from week to week so please contact our kind and understanding admissions staff. They will speak to you confidentially about which rehabilitation program would be right for you. When you have committed to a program and are dedicated to improving the long-term success of your program, we will begin your admissions process.

How many guests are there?

We have just a handful of guests at any time, with no more than 15 bedrooms available for guests, making your time with us comfortable and personable.

Do I have my own bedroom?

All of our accommodation is private bedroom, we do not have dorm type accommodation.

Is there internet access?

Generally, no but if you have a strong case for access this can be discussed with the Retreat Manager.

Where is Palladium Private?

Located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Palladium Private offers 20 acres of wide open spaces and accommodation for up to 15 guests in 9 cabins dotted around the site.

The main building is a converted farm house with two swimming pools, steam room, detox box and gym. There is also wildlife in the surrounding areas and lake, consisting of turtles, platypus, geese and more!

These open spaces help to remove all your daily triggers and stress, so for the first time you can work on just you. It’s important that you are able to retreat to your cabin for alone time after therapy days.

Is aftercare provided?

To aid the brain in becoming competent in dealing with stress and emotion once guests have returned home, we include aftercare as part of your program with the purpose of solidifying newly developed thinking patterns and to help them become permanent.

Qualified psychologist sessions continue via phone for a block of 4 hours (averaging 8x 30-minute telephone sessions) after guests have left the residential part of their program. This allows guests to go over what they have learnt and to make sure that they are applying their learnings.

As a part of our aftercare inclusions, we offer a closed on-line community group only for guests who have attended the Palladium Private residential program.

We also offer ongoing programs both residential and non-residential, so you can continue to build on your foundation of learning during your initial program.

We also offer an online aftercare series to assist in making your new thinking patterns permanent. These are delivered direct to your inbox.

The series will keep you accountable and offers consistent, valuable content that is gradually sent through over a 6-month period.

The series includes the following:

  • Podcasts for guests that include content such as Maintaining Feeling Good, Motivation, Letting Go, Relapsing, Goal Setting and much more.
  • Podcasts for support teams that include content such as How to Support After a Retreat Stay, How to Support When Things Get Bumpy, etc.
  • Mindfulness Sits which include guided meditations, breath work, visualisation and more.
  • Yoga Practices
  • Gym Sessions
  • Recipes and Nutritional Blog Posts

What are the costs of programs?

Costs vary depending on the kind of addiction recovery or mental health program you require, and our team can provide you an estimate of costs once we have some more information about your particular situation. If you would like an estimate, we welcome you to contact our kind and understanding admissions staff.

To learn more about our fees and payment options please visit the Program Fees page.

Can I smoke at Palladium Private?

Yes, but we have a strict smoking policy. Please ask your admission consultant for more details.

Do you have any photos of the retreat, accommodation and facilities?

Located on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Palladium Private offers 20 acres of wide open spaces and accommodation for up to 15 guests in 9 cabins dotted around the site.

These open spaces help to remove all your daily triggers and stress, so for the first time you can focus on just you within our holistic rehabilitation retreat.

Our facilities include a detox box, sauna, 25m lap pool, heated magnesium spring water pool, a well-equipped gym as well as beautiful vegetable gardens and relaxing locations for yoga session and much more!

Explore our retreat via our gallery here.