Alcohol Dependency – What is it?

Alcohol abuse is the recurring overuse of alcohol. Despite negative consequences, a pattern of non-stop or binge drinking can result in harm to an individual’s physical health, relationships and ability to work.

An alcoholic is someone who has a physical dependency on alcohol, where changes occur in their brain that make them have physical withdrawals if they don’t drink. Conditions that commonly accompany alcohol addiction are depression, anxiety, guilt, regret, infidelity, weight gain, liver toxicity and other health conditions, including a strain on family and personal relationships. The Palladium Private Program is supported by Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy (REBT), CBT and ACT along with other client-specific techniques chosen on a needs basis. And our program is underpinned by Mindfulness Training, which has been in use for a long time but has only been scientifically explained in the last two decades. Your treatment is accompanied by nutritious meals prepared by our passionate chefs and your body will also undergo healing, thanks to our personal trainers, yoga teachers and spa and massage therapists. Places in our programs depend upon availability, so we ask that you contact us to check for the next available window. Our team can move quickly depending on your timeframe, so feel free to call one of our experienced consultants any time at Palladium Private on 1300 573 095.