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Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol abuse – what is it?

Alcohol abuse is the recurring over-use of alcohol despite negative consequences.  A pattern of non-stop or binge drinking that can result in harm to an individual’s physical health, relationships and ability to work. Other issues that commonly accompany alcohol abuse are depression, anxiety, guilt, regret, infidelity, weight gain, liver toxicity and other health issues, as well as a massive strain on family and personal relationships.

Solutions for alcohol dependency

Alcohol abuse is a coping mechanism. People who deal with stress properly who do not have overwhelming emotional symptoms and have a healthy level of self-worth and self-esteem are unlikely to abuse alcohol, even if they have the gene for alcoholism. Unless the underlying stress issues are identified and corrected then alcohol will always be turned to in times of despair or trauma.

With the Palladium Private Program we provide a set of coping mechanisms that can be used to break this cycle permanently. Together with the reprocessing of old events to deal with grief and regret and the re-education of how to measure self-esteem and self-worth properly, makes a combination that is incredibly effective.

We cannot change what happens to you in life, but we can educate you how to react to life events in a different way, which will lead to cutting off this cycle of behavior at its source. We assist our clients back to physical health but more importantly we look for the source of the psychological stress that is causing emotional symptoms as well as assisting our clients to reprocess grief and regret and also look at how they are measuring their self-worth and esteem.

At Palladium Private our qualified therapists use evidence based techniques to teach you to adopt new behaviors, apply and entrench them and engage in new ways of thinking. Our programs offer change that is lasting because of our unique and comprehensive range of therapies that go deep to the underlying root cause.

The Palladium Private Program is supported by CBT, ACT, Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy as well as other client-specific techniques chosen on a needs basis.  Our program is underpinned by Mindfulness Training which has existed for millennia but has only been explained scientifically the last twenty years.

Our Staff

Our approach to alcohol dependency is completely different to what you may have tried before. We assist you to identify and address the core cause of your depression within our peaceful and relaxing surroundings, our qualified therapists work with you one-on-one, day by day, teaching you how to initiate a new way of thinking based on objectivity and reality. This approach is accompanied by nutritious meals cooked by our passionate chefs and the body will be looked after by our professional personal trainers, yoga teachers, and spa and massage therapists.

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The Palladium Private is a holistic health program for serious conditions.

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