Drug Dependency – What is it?

Drug abuse is the overuse or misuse of drugs for non-medical purposes. These can be illicit drugs such as speed, ice or prescription drugs such as Valium or common anti depressants such as Xanax, Codeine, Oxycodone (Endone), Dexamphetamine, etc.

Drug abuse becomes an addiction when the user develops a dependence on them, despite the negative physical, mental and social repercussions they bring.

Recreational drugs are often used as a coping mechanism to help counteract boredom, loneliness, relationship problems, low self-esteem or something more deep-seated such as anxiety or depression. But because these drugs can have negative effects of their own, they often compound the problems they are supposed to alleviate.

Addiction is a coping mechanism and behind the addiction is a root cause that creates the mental conditioning. Our qualified therapists examine the core beliefs or trauma that started you thinking the way you do and that has led to your addiction. Without examining these beliefs, you may return to former habits when under stress and pressure, starting the cycle of rehab and detox once again.

A key factor in our clients’ success is their desire and commitment to making a change in their life. If they are willing and able to learn and apply the information and techniques we give them, there will be a positive, permanent change in their life.

Please note that Palladium Private does not offer programs for clients who wish to lower or cease their prescription drugs. Clients need to stay on their medication until a physician advises otherwise. A client will need to either come off their medication before our program (with time allowed for underlying effects to surface and be controlled) or they stay on their medication throughout their program.

Places in our programs are limited by availability, so please contact us to check if there is a position becoming available. Our experienced team can move quickly depending on your timeframe. To speak with our admissions team, feel free to call us at Palladium Private any time on 1300 573 095.