Mindful Moment - Day 4

Intensive Mindfulness For Depression

Moments within moments

If you have the time, take a few more moments to replay the video and see if you can focus on a different aspect this time:

  • Temperature: this may seem obvious as we are watching a burning fireplace, but do you notice the difference in the flames? Some are white hot, others are deep red and glowering slowly.
  • Movement: which way do the flames move? Do they all move this way, or are some seemingly moving backwards, or perhaps back and forth? How many beautiful bursts of sparks do you notice?
  • Sound: picture yourself in the room with the fireplace, perhaps warming yourself on a plush rug with bare feet and a warm blanket – what sounds can you hear? If you listen intently enough, can you hear the soft movement of the flames above the crackling and sparks?
  • Texture: notice how the dense, solidity of the logs contrasts with the weightless flames. Similar to the way breeze floats around us and brushes our skin as we walk in the wind.
  • Light: watch as parts of the log in darkness are illuminated when a flame flare lights it up


Mindfulness, put simply, is awareness. Awareness of the nuances and beauty of each moment in all its aspects.

In our daily lives, we are often well-practised at replaying stressful and traumatic moments in our minds, over and over again. Perhaps seeking answers, wishing for a different outcome, playing out alternative scenarios, or simply reliving the moment to unconsciously punish ourselves with blame or worry. Sound familiar?….

Consciously choosing to incorporate a mindfulness practice in your life is a way to remove the focus of your thoughts from those negative moments and notice the beauty that is around you. Simple moments of joy – a child discovering an insect; a dog welcoming its owner home; serving a meal to the ones you love; waking up to find a beautiful flower has bloomed in the garden overnight; the beauty of morning dew sparkling on a spider web; or simply the leaves on a tree shimmering in the breeze. There is wonder all around us and the more we become accustomed to slowing down to take it in and appreciate it, the more we naturally develop a disposition of gratitude and inner peace – the secret key to unlocking freedom from anxiety and depression.

Day 4 Quote
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