Mindful Moment - Day 3

Intensive Mindfulness For Depression

Replay the moment

If you have the time, take a few more moments to replay the video and see if you can focus on a different aspect this time:

  • Depth: did you notice the soft plants and algae under the surface of the water? How would they feel to touch compared to the plants above the surface?  
  • Sound: can you hear those lovely raindrops as they plop into the pond? Is there a slight breeze causing the plants to sway gently?  
  • Temperature: is it chilly? Wintery? Are you warm and rugged up as you watch?
  • Texture: watch as the raindrops hit the surface of the pond as perfectly rounded droplets, then bounce upwards, causing a ripple to radiate out below


Mindfulness is for everyone! It doesn’t require a university degree, any special equipment or years of skill and experience. Starting out your daily practice with just a few short moments, as we have been over the last three days, allows your brain to gently adjust to the new, slower pace – whenever you consciously choose to give it permission to do so.

Take a moment to feel gratitude for the peace and contentment you have given to yourself. You deserve this.

As you go about your day today, see if you can tune into the thoughts in your mind every now and then – What are they are saying? When you truly stop and listen, it can be quite surprising to hear what our constant stream of thoughts is feeding us. These thoughts trigger emotions within us that can be quite distressing if we don’t tune in and recognise them for what they are – just thoughts.

Taking a mindful moment to focus on something of your choice, something beautiful, peaceful, natural, calming or exciting, gives you a reprieve from the constant stream of thoughts in your mind. It’s like stepping aside and letting the thoughts flow like a fast-moving river while you enjoy the grassy moss, rocks, water sounds, birds in the sky and leaves flickering in the breeze.

Day 3 Quote
Tomorrow you will receive your Day 4 - Mindful Moment email. As you go about your day, make it your intention to begin noticing the little things.