Mindful Moment - Day 2

Intensive Mindfulness For Depression

Replay the moment

Just like yesterday, you get to start over and play the moment again. Here are some suggested sensations to focus on and observe:  

  • Sound: can you imagine the gentle hum of the spa as it circulates the water and produces the endless bubbles? 
  • Temperature: how hot is the water? Is it steamy and cleansing, or cool and refreshing on a hot day?  
  • Shapes: watch as the mesmerising bubbles are generated, float across the surface of the water and join the group on the edge of the spa. Did you notice the reflection of the bubbles on the timber? 
  • Touch: are you immersed in the spa, out of view? Is your head resting back as you relax? Are you wiggling your toes and stretching under the water? Are you scooping bubbles up with your hands and relaxing as the water runs through your fingers?   



Practising the ability to refocus our thoughts from operating on autopilot to focusing on moments and sensations of your choice gives you great power over your thoughts, emotions and moods. 

It’s a natural human tendency to lean towards feelings of shame, guilt and general negativity about ourselves and our life. But good news! We are not locked into that pattern. Mindfulness lessens the intensity of the emotions we attach to those thoughts. We can change this negative patterning by practising mindfulness and incorporating it into our daily life, as naturally as brushing our teeth or drinking water each day.

Taking your mind on a peaceful, relaxed visual journey for just one short moment is a practice you can learn to gift to yourself every day to ease life’s endless input and pressures.

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