Mindful Moment - Day 10

Intensive Mindfulness For Depression

Incorporating Mindfulness into every day

The reason we’ve left this Mindful Eating moment until last is because we want to leave you with something that’s really easy to incorporate into your every day life. We all eat every day right?! Before you take your first bite, take a few moments to turn off distractions, sit down properly to eat your food, observe it’s texture, taste, temperature, “tummy feel” and any feelings of satisfaction or gratitude you experience as you take it into your body.

You can take this exercise even further. Think beyond the food itself nourishing your body. Think about the journey each ingredient in your meal took to get to your kitchen table. The supply chain, the delivery drivers, the person who packaged your ingredients, the supermarket staff who displayed your food on the shelves, the harvesters, the farmers and growers who tended the crops or animals. So much human energy and care has gone into this meal that is nourishing your body.

Thinking about the greater picture in this context with a sense of gratitude can naturally instill a sense of perspective and peace in us, quieting our mind of its worries and stresses.

Enjoy each meal with gratitude.
Enjoy caring for yourself.
Enjoy simple moments.


No matter how you prefer to soak up information and inspiration, there are resources available in every possible format so you can continue your mindfulness journey and start exploring new methods and techniques that work for you. Remember these three things as you go forward with your practice:

  • There is no wrong way to practice mindfulness
  • Anything is better than nothing. Start with “snackable” moments of time and grow your practice gradually
  • Mindfulness is a gift of self care, you are investing in yourself. You deserve this.

Here are some great resources to help you branch out on your mindfulness discovery journey:  

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You have reached the end of our 10-day Guided Introduction to Mindfulness Course!

We sincerely hope you have learned some valuable insights about yourself and the way your mind works since you set out on Day 1. You have been gently guided through ten days of practicing self-soothing skills you can keep in your emotional toolkit for the rest of your life.



We want to meet your needs, wherever you’re at right now. Here are two free resources you are welcome to utilise:

Not sure exactly where you’re at? Take this a short 5-minute Assessment to give you an objective look at how you’re coping with different aspects of your life, what it means and what you can do next.

The Underlying Cause of Anxiety & Depression

Would you like to go deeper? Take the next step and download The Underlying Cause of Anxiety & Depression eBook which delves into the root cause of anxiety and depression and introduces tools and techniques to help set you free from endless inner struggle.

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  • What technique worked best for you?
  • Do you think you will continue with your practice?
  • How do you think this course could be improved?
  • Did you experience any technical issues during the 10 days?
  • What would you like to learn more about in future courses?

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Thank you so much for joining us on this exploration into the world of mindfulness –
it has truly been a pleasure relaxing with you!
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