Mindful Moment - Day 1

Intensive Mindfulness For Depression

What is supposed to happen?

Observation is the objective here. Naturally your eyes will take in the scene in front of you. Your brain will match this with previous memories or experiences of something similar and you may start to notice your brain “hearing” sounds you would normally associate with this, or smells, temperature, or even an emotion triggered by a memory. Notice all these things as they come to you, one by one. Before you know it, the moment is over.

Replay the moment

Unlike in our real lives, in this experiment you get to start over and play the moment again. Perhaps this time you can focus on one sensation from the suggestions below. Each of us is different and some may hear sound or feel texture easily, whilst others will sense the shapes and colours vividly. Experiment and witness the reaction from your senses –

  • Sound: imagine how each movement of the water and rain would sound if you were right there beside the water 
  • Temperature: imagine dipping your hand below the surface of the dark water, how would it feel? 
  • Shapes: how many different types of plants can you see? What shape are the rain drops? Which direction do the ripples move in? 
  • Colour: How many shades of green can you distinguish? What colour would you describe the water to be? 
  • Texture: How would the mossy plant feel under your bare toes? Could you catch a rain drop on your fingertip? 

One simple minute and so many possibilities to slow down and experience sensations we would otherwise rush right on through! 




It’s rather incredible to think that just one small moment of observation and appreciation can shift our mood into a state of relaxed calm and self compassion.

Science has proven that practicing mindfulness (and it’s close cousin gratitude) dampens activity in the amygdala and activates connections between the amygdala and prefrontal cortex. Both of these parts of the brain help us to be less reactive to stressors and recover better from stress when we experience it. Read more on the science here….

Imagine if just one short moment out of your day could, over time, bring you inner peace and calm from the turmoil of life. Perhaps when you start to experience these moments of stillness and joy, you may want to take more of these moments for yourself….

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