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Drug Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation – what is it?

Rehabilitation (or rehab) normally refers to a place and process that one goes to, to deal with alcohol or substance overuse that has become health threatening. It can also be used to describe the period of withdrawal during when a body is returning to normal after a prolonged period using an addictive substance.

This may include alcohol, marijuana and amphetamines.

Why we are different to other rehabilitation facilities

At Palladium Private, we teach a reality based mindset technique which is based on CBT, ACT and Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy. This is an educational program delivered in a retreat environment that focuses on the holistic healing of the mind and body.

The Process for Detox – nurturing the body

Clients suffering from addiction make up the third largest group attending our program, as it is a natural progression from depression and anxiety to addiction, simply to cope with the symptoms.

Our detox solution has these major components:

  • On or near arrival the guest will see a Doctor for a general check-up as well as to review medication and do any required blood or urine tests to identify areas that need addressing.
  • A chaperone will be with the guest for 3 nights if needed to make sure they feel safe and supported. This can be for the entire program but most guests usually find they are feeling better after their third day. We do have guests that have requested a chaperone for the majority of their stay and this can be arranged.
  • A highly nutritious diet to give the body the essential components it needs to fuel the mechanics of detoxification. This is combined with gentle exercise and massage to assist the body to move toxins out.

Nurturing the mind

We have a multitude of therapies to choose from for the physical change, but long term permanent change is always done in conjunction with the psychological therapies we select for each client. Addiction is a coping mechanism and behind the addiction is a root cause that creates the mental conditioning. Our qualified therapists examine the core beliefs or trauma as to why a person started thinking a certain way that led to addiction as a coping mechanism. Without examining these beliefs, a person may return to former habits when under stress and pressure, starting the cycle of rehab and detox once again.

Timing and Commitment

A key factor in our client’s success in undertaking the Palladium Private program, is their desire and commitment to making a change in their life. If they are able and willing to learn and apply the information and techniques then there will be a positive permanent change in their life.

Places in our programs are limited by availability, please call us to check if there is a position becoming available. Our experienced team can move quickly depending on your time frame.

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