A Deep Dive into Drug Addiction, Detox and Rehabilitation


All addictions – substance related or not – share the same characteristics of craving and shame, and behaviours such as deception, manipulation and relapse. Addiction is complex. It’s a complex relationship between a human being and the myriad of interactions they’ve had with their environment since before they were born, through to the present. It’s […]

Drug Rehab Programs: Private Health Retreats


Private Health Retreats: Drug Rehab Programs Drug Addiction According to the World Health Organisation, drug addiction (either prescription or illicit) is the most stigmatised condition of labelled mental illnesses. This is why private drug rehab programs are increasingly being sought after for their discretion Addiction is a chronic condition characterised by drug seeking and use […]

Addiction Aftercare: How It Supports You After Rehab


Are you a recovering addict who just finished a treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction? Do you want to know how to maintain your recovery and avoid relapse? If so, you’ve come to the right place. After your initial treatment is done, what comes next is ‘addiction aftercare’. It reduces your risk of falling […]

Understanding Addiction

Understanding Addiction - Palladium Private - Mental Health Rehab

Addiction is a complex condition that comes in many forms but is most commonly reflected in addictive behaviours toward gambling, and drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction is a chronic condition affecting the brain and its reward system. People with addiction may want to stop engaging in their compulsive behaviour, but complex physical and physiological structures […]

The Biggest Benefits of Holistic Rehabilitation Retreat

Holistic rehabilitation retreats take you out of your daily routine to provide you with a holistic, immersive program for rehabilitation. This give you an opportunity to work through issues in an individualised program that targets the root cause of your health issues. So what exactly is a holistic retreat and what are the benefits of […]

The First 90 Days: How to Set Yourself Up for Success in Early Recovery

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Congratulations! If you or a loved one has just completed a treatment program for a mental health or substance abuse issue – well done. We truly believe that you have successfully completed the first step towards a new, happy and healthy life free from alcohol and drugs. However, even though you or your loved one […]