Treatment of Anxiety

Anxiety – What is it?

Anxiety is something we all experience from time to time. Anxiety is a biological trait we all possess which is triggered in situations of danger and it is nature’s way of preparing us for fight or flight when we are feeling threatened or afraid.

There are several methods employed by health professionals to treat anxiety including:

  • Psychological treatments

Psychological treatments are aimed at helping patients to recognise their negative thoughts and alter them in a positive way. They include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) (changing unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns to realistic ones), which has shown the most consistent and long-lasting improvements in patients suffering from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

  • Medicinal treatments

Antidepressants can help to reduce anxiety, but they are not as effective on their own as when used in combination with psychological treatments and their positive effects only last as long as they continue to be taken.

  • Therapeutic treatments

Therapeutic treatments can include confronting the feared situation to develop coping skills, using relaxation methods like progressive muscle relaxation, encouraging exercise which releases anxiety counteracting chemicals, teaching structured problem solving to deal with the stressors contributing to worry, and mindfulness skills to focus on the present rather than negative thoughts.

Treatment for anxiety at Palladium Private 

Helping with anxiety is our specialty at Palladium Private. Our qualified psychotherapists can help you pinpoint the beliefs that trigger your anxiety in a process that begins by learning techniques for observing emotions that result when anxiety is activated.

We teach that trying to stop a painful emotion only achieves a temporary fix at best. You might get through the moment, but when you are in a similar situation again, the same beliefs will be activated and the same emotional responses will occur. So at Palladium Private, we teach you unique ways to halt, alter and even reverse this pattern.

By using these new tools and techniques, you will learn to adopt new behaviours, apply new skills and engage in new ways of thinking. Our programs offer change that is lasting because our unique and comprehensive range of therapies go deep to the underlying root cause.