Treatment of Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol Dependency – What is it?

Alcohol misuse is the recurring overuse of alcohol. Despite negative consequences and reduced quality of life, a pattern of non-stop or binge drinking can result in harm to an individual’s physical health, relationships and ability to work.

At Palladium Private, our approach to the treatment of alcohol dependency may be different to methods of treatment you may have tried before.

We consider alcohol abuse to be a coping mechanism and that people who deal with stress properly and have a healthy level of self-worth are unlikely to abuse alcohol, even if they have the gene for alcoholism.

So if you have underlying stress conditions and they are not identified and corrected, you will always turn to alcohol in times of despair or trauma.

The Palladium Private Program provides a set of coping mechanisms that can be used to break this cycle permanently. These include reprocessing old events to deal with grief and regret and learning how to measure self-esteem and self-worth properly — both of which make for an incredibly effective combination.

We cannot change what happens to you in life, but we can teach you how to react to life events in a different way, which will cut off this cycle of behaviour at its source.

Our qualified psychotherapists use evidence-based techniques to teach you how to adopt new behaviours, apply and entrench them and engage in new ways of thinking. And our programs offer change that is lasting because our unique range of therapies go deep to the underlying root cause.