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Program Outcomes

The guest outcome data is refreshed every 6 months showing the data for the period. We display our guest feedback, which can be both positive and negative, as an honest way to convey the reality of the guests experience on our rehab program. We embrace the daily challenge of delivering a quality mental health treatment service to clients with different mental health conditions, personalities, expectations and cultural backgrounds.

To ensure you have the highest chance of receiving a positive outcome we strongly recommend the following:

  • Attend the program with the end in mind. The first 1-7 days, the settling in period, are the hardest for many reasons, where the guest faces the awkward and sometimes confronting nature of change.
  • Attend the program for you and only for you. If you are attending the program to please a friend, family member or partner, then we suggest you delay your program until you are in the right frame of mind and committed to change.
  • Attend the program with a desire to change. Many elements of the program are designed to educate you on a variety of factors that impact the process of change. Simply put, if you attend with an attitude of change then the program may be life changing for you.

Client Exit Survey

January to June 2017 (Program Completion rate as at June 2017 is 92%.)

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